Physical Traits Strong, "handome"
Mental Traits Deceitful
Relations Bella (Mate), Azul (Filly)
Friends Coyote, the two other mares
Enemies Hold On, Estrella, the first herd
Strengths Men
Weaknesses Unknown
Pego is a very strong and handsome dark stallion. He was traded for gold by his master with
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Bella, and two other mares. Pego always was ignorant of Estrella's plans for freedom and survival. His vainess finally got the better of him. He helped the trickster coyote into getting rid of the rest of the herd. He also helped coyote to set a fire to kill the horses but they escaped and Pego galloped away. In the book Star Rise he was said to be drinking by a river and met coyote. Coyote promised him an army of 600 horses. Pego didn't believe him until he saw the conquistadors. Coyote helped him be chosen by the leader. Pego helped track down Estrella to enslave them. he was also favored when the horse had a chance when a donkey broke down the fence and they were locked in. Pego then didn't feel the power and glory he thought he had when his master tugged his reins until his mouth hurt and the spurs dig into his sides, in earnest to catch and rope Estrella but were quickly losing ground Pego got fed up. When Estella escaped by jumping the ravine that coyote and he had set to trap the horses,Pego bucked his owner off. The master was at his mercy if Pego stamped him. Pego then saw his mate, Bella, who he abandoned for she couldn't produce a foal and ran after her, leaving his master dumfounded. In the third book Wild Blood, Pego used the tricks he learned from Coyote to trick the chieftain of the Burnt River Clan into thinking that Pego was a god. Pego is later captured by El Miedo and the rest of the Burnt River Clan and is treated like a normal horse.


Pego is a very strong and strikingly handsome stallion. His coat is most likely dark bay, black, or something dark. His mane/tail is most likely black. His eye color isn't known, but it was most likely brown like most horses.


Pego is very smart, skilled, fearless, and prideful. He turned more and more vain each passing day. He is also cunning and disdainful.


Foals: Azul, and a stillborn colt

Ex-Mate: Bella

Death (contains spoilers) Edit

In the last book 'Wild Blood', Estrella and Tijo get captured by El Miedo. They escape and just as they break free, El Miedo tries to shoot them and Pego jumps infront of her and Tijo. Pego sacrifices himself so Estrella and Tijo can escape. Later on Estrella explains that Pego looked relieved that he met death. He was last seen by Hope (coyotes son) with vultures pecking at his rib cage.