Estrella is the main character and protagonist of the series, "Horses of the Dawn". She is the
youngest of the herd, but also strangely the leader. She was named "Estrella" by her mother, Perlina, for her star on her forehead.


Estrella is a young horse, about two in a half years old, or fifteen moons. Her coat is bright gold in color, or tawny, with a white muzzle, stockings, and star. Her mane is wild and midnight black. Her eyes are brown with a tinge of gold, like the deepest amber. She seems to be very large and well muscled, as seen on the cover of The Escape. Her hooves are strangely yellowish in color. Perlina, her dam, passed down her dark amber eye genes to Estrella, while Estrella's unnamed sire passed down his star genes down to his daughter. It is unknown how she gotten her tawny coat or black mane. After the fire, her star is barely noticeable because of all the soot, her eyes become red and sting, her white stockings become gray, and her coat and mane are full of ashes.


As a little foal, she is very curious and questionable. She asks questions to her mother about the outside world. Her happiness drains out when Perlina dies, yet she tries to forget, but she knows she has to keep the smell of the sweet grass firmly in her mind. As she grows older, she stays true to her kind nature, yet her temper is short, as she rammed right into Azul angrily. She is very brave and also filled with kindess. She is also rude to azul


Dam: Perlina

Sire: Unnamed

Half-Brother: Sombra-Luna