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• 8/16/2015

Horses of the Dawn roleplay!


No being a butt

Clean language

No killing other people's characters unless they say its ok

Be nice

Don't be perfect please!

Realistic horse colors

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• 8/16/2015

Name: Hana

Age: Around 20 

Looks: Dark gray hair and mane and tail with dull brown eyes and scars

Personality: Suspicous, wary, headstrong, loving

History: Used as transportation in Asia 

• 12/8/2015

Name: Wind Age: 6 years Looks: Brown and White Pinto with a wild mane and Sky-Blue Eyes Personality: Protective, Proud, Obedient, and Respectful History: Once was wild, living with his kin, Comanche and Azure, but was separated in a flood.

• 10/19/2018

Birth/Current Name(s): Citra

Definition/Meaning Of Birth/Current Name: Citrine in Spanish. A glassy yellow variety of quartz.

Species: Horse

Breed: Purebred Arabian

Gender: Mare

Nicknames: Citie, Tra

Mate: None yet (Open)

Crush(es): None yet (Open)

Former Crush(es): None

Crusher(s): None yet (Open)

Former Crusher(s): None

Ex-Mates: None

Foals: None yet (Open)

Sire And Dam: Unknown

Adoptive Parents(If any): None

Siblings And Half-Siblings: Unknown

Aunts And Uncles: Unknown

Grandparents And Great Grandparents: Unknown

In-Laws: Unknown

Cousins And Half-Cousins:Unknown

Nieces And Nephews: Unknown

Talents: Stealth

Pelt/Mane colors Citra carries in her genes: Yellow-brown, acorn brown, white, light tan brown, dark brown

Eye colors Citra carries in her genes: Brown

Other markings Citra carries in her genes: Leg stockings and nose stripes

Rank: Loner

Likes And Loves: Her family, nature, her friends, fresh green apples, birds, swimming, leaves, sun showers, the hillside, the meadows, rivers, ponds

Dislikes And Fears: Dangerous storms, the thought of death, hunters, abusive horses, mutant horses, horses with powers, rouges, rude loners, defiant foals, dark and gloomy places, cougars, bears, stranger wolves, coyotes, foxes, nightmares

Hobbies: Observing nature and frolicking with birds

Habits: None   

Personality: Citra is a very sweet, but protective mare and she will not hesitate to protect someone she loves. Citra is also very bold yet rational when she makes a statement. Citra can be very shy and most times keeps to herself. She also has a hard time with understanding certain differences such as mutant horses or horses with supernatural powers, luckily they’re rare. In the end, Citra is a very kind and calm horse, but isn’t always open to new ideas.

Bio: Citra was born to a large herd in the valley. After Citra was born, her mother and father, decided to have another foal. Her mother gave birth to a colt. Citra then became slightly neglected by her parents but a friendly mare took care of her. She was a very shy filly so she didn’t have many friends, instead she spent more time with birds. Citra was also bullied by some other foals for being small. When she grew up she became a loner.

Theme Song: JDNT By Glass Animals

Relationship Info: She wants a loyal mate

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Gender Preference: Stallions

Activity: Single

Age: 8 Years Old

Herd: None yet (Open)

Previous Herd(s): Her mother and father's

Friends: Open

Appearance: Citra is an Arabian mare. She has an average weight for an Arabian mare and an average Arabian mare height. She has a white nose with a white stripe marking, and white stockings. Her pelt is a yellow-brown color with an acorn brown mane and tail.

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